Who we are!

About Us

A sip, a gulp … call it what you will, but humans had learned to drink long before Charles Darwin discovered evolution. The very act of swallowing a mouthful of liquid cuts down tons of effort you’d otherwise waste to bite and chew. It is Nature’s short cut to sheer delight.

Bombay Badshah is an avenue of bliss. Here you’ll discover that pure joy is only a sip away. Thanks to our fun-filled menu of refreshing thirst quenchers, juices, and beverages, shakes and mocktails. You name it, we have it.

Bombay Badshah is hosted by Mr. Suresh Bhandaary of Bollywood Mischief Hospitality Worldwide, promoters of famous eateries like Punjab da Pind in Mangalore and Bombay Vintage, Fusion Food Restaurant at Colaba, Mumbai.


our values

In short, Bombay Badshah is everything that it promises to be – a very fluid way to enjoy. For, as our very name suggests, we’re here to serve you as the emperor of fine flavours.

  • Novelty: Innovation is the key to freshness. Our expert beverages chefs know how each ingredient acts on the taste buds with exacting precision. Which is why, every item introduced in our menu will always be a tribute to a new way to experience taste.
  • Variety: At Bombay Badshah, we don’t look upon ourselves as a one-time rendezvous. We seek to be an ocean of delight, offering entire domains of uncharted culinary experiences.
  • Quality: Being a good host is top on our priority list. Lingering taste, soulful hospitality and energizing ambience make us a unique and different place to look forward to.