The Party!

Delicious Fruit Juices!

Deliciously blended Fruit Juice to make you crave for more. We have every flavour that you long for.
It’s Yummy!

Exquisite Faloodas!

A variety of flavors and delectable taste. We bring out the best Faloodas ever! Try once and you shall remember forever.

Yummy Ice-creams!

I scream you scream, Everybody gets Ice-cream! Savor our best flavors because we blend every scoop with love and care!


The food is fresh and all the ingredients are of the highest quality.
The menu has choices for everyone. It is the kind of place you want to come back to.

Mr Sandesh

One of my favorite Beverage Hub.
I can assure you this food is authentic! Wonderful service and atmosphere!

Mr Jason D’Souza